Roger Templeton

Marketing & Communications


Alchemy Worldwide, LLC

We worked with Alchemy's Director of IT to plan for community-building and subscriber-based marketing channels supporting clients of Provida Life Sciences' "Michael Thurmond's 6-Week Body Makeover." We then joined the company to manage the launch of two websites: their "Smart Technique" product, and to brand their Provida Labs family of dietary suppliments. 


Xpand Technologies

Working with top management, we wrote the business plan for this broadband technology company that scored highest on the Department of Commerce's Minority Equity Capital Access nationwide competition. This earned Xpand's CEO the opportunity to share a stage in Washington DC with Secretary of State Colin Powell and to present to invited top-tier investment bankers and venture capitalists.

We also provided Xpand with:

  • Press releases
  • Product white papers
  • Website authoring
  • Collateral and leave-behind literature
  • PowerPoint presentations for specific investor and financial community audiences


Digitcom Corporation

Articles in WSJInteractive, InformationWeek, Investor's Business Daily and many other publications vaulted this OTC network company to national prominence. Our realtime streamed video of Digitcom's spokesmodel auditions created quite a stir, and the posting of the first-ever streamed video banner advertisement was covered by Cable & Broadcast Magazine. We steadied shareholders' nerves through the gyrations of the "tech bubble" for Digitcom. Email newsletters and innovative online communications rounded out the company's communications program.


Xerox Corporation

We acted as "reporter" gathering success stories from Xerox's distributed printing clients and put together trade show pieces and an article for publication. We became very knowledgable about their printing solutions in the course of editing a series of sales force solutions books.


Physicians for Social Responsibility

Direct response is one of several fundraising tools this physician's advocacy organization employs, and R Templeton & Associates lends long-time experience to help craft the message. We set up PSR's secure online credit card processing and administered their Website through their transition to online contribution functionality, though we did not design it.

RTempleton In the Public Arena

Seminar speaker, "Webcasting", American Film Institute, Los Angeles, 1998.

Seminar speaker, "Networked Entertainment from Online to Internet TV", Le Festival du Multimedia, Paris, 1997.

Presenter, "Streamed Media, A Business Model", Learning Annex, Los Angeles, 1997.



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